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Article: What is the magic of Gemstones?

Parelketting met Turkoois en Amethist

What is the magic of Gemstones?

Discover the magic of gemstones with our jewelry, which is not only a stylish addition to your outfit but also provides natural energy. In this blog we share tips about the effect of gemstones in our bracelets and necklaces.

Gemstones, formed deep within the earth, grow as minerals and form crystals that are pushed to the surface by landslides. As natural products, gemstones have an energetic effect that contributes to well-being. By carrying gemstones with you or having them in the same space, you absorb their energy, replenishing any imbalances in your body.

How do gemstones work?

Not all gemstones work the same; dense stones such as Agate have a grounding effect, while translucent stones such as Rose Quartz match the feeling and are therefore suitable for the heart chakra.

How to Use Gemstones:

  • As Jewelry: Wear gemstones as a necklace or bracelet for continuous exposure to their energy.
  • On your Body: Place the gemstone in a place where you feel uneasy, such as in your pocket or bra.
  • While Meditating: Hold the gemstone during meditation for an enriched experience.
  • As a home accessory: Decorate your home with gemstones or place them under your pillow for extra peace.

Gemstones in the SA Design collection

Luck: Jade is a gemstone that has a cleansing and protective effect. This beautiful purple, emerald green or light green gemstone attracts luck, prosperity and prosperity. Jade also ensures harmony and the release of negativity.

Stress: the gemstone Agate has a calming effect, gives a safe feeling and provides peace and balance. Moreover, Agate gives self-confidence and promotes self-acceptance.

Get rid of negativity: Chalcedony is a gemstone that makes you optimistic, cheerful, social, creative and enthusiastic, among other things. Furthermore, this stone brings self-insight, self-confidence and the courage to accept changes.

Protection: Amazonite is a beautiful sea blue gemstone known as a calming and protective gemstone.

Handmade bracelet with amethyst

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