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Article: What is an inspiring market in Spain?

Voorbeeldstand van de zaterdag markt in Spaanse Jalon

What is an inspiring market in Spain?

Dive into the world of traditional craftsmanship and discover inspiring markets in Spain. In our latest blog we take you on a journey where we find unique materials such as an antique anvil on the Jalón market.

Explore this charming market full of treasures, from ancient pots to beautiful jewelry. Receive useful tips to make the most of your visit, including enjoying a Spanish breakfast in the cozy bars along the market. Be inspired to explore this market yourself on your next trip to Spain!

Why we travel?

We cherish good design and stand for traditional craftsmanship . That is why we make our products ourselves, especially for you. This requires inspiration and often the use of special materials and tools. Like this anvil that we bought at the Jalón antique market : ideal for working on our bags!

The market in Jalón , half an hour's drive from the Costa Blanca coast, is a super nice market that we always walk through. You will find really beautiful things there, such as old Spanish pots and bowls , antique furniture, but also beautiful jewelry , old books, paintings and all kinds of interesting gadgets.

Tips for Jalon

The market starts early, at dawn. In the summer it can be extremely hot (and busy!). It is therefore advisable to get there early, around 8 am: then it is still nice and cool and you can still walk around quietly. And, the real gems are still there.

When it gets busier, have a delicious Spanish breakfast in one of the bars along the market. Such as coffee with toast or tomato ( café con leche con una tostada o pan con tomate ) Highly recommended and we hope that this blog has also given you inspiration to discover this market yourself when you visit Spain!

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