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Article: Behind the scenes: making jewelry

Collectie handgemaakte armbanden en kettingen van SA Design

Behind the scenes: making jewelry

It's all about the details! A beautiful piece of jewelry gives that little bit extra to your outfit. Whether you wear one striking piece or combine different items, it always works! But how are the jewelry actually made at SA Design? In this blog we take a look behind the scenes of maker Sofia's design process.

I, Sofia, have been a lover of designing and making jewelry ever since I was young. I am now 22 and I have developed from a little girl who was happily selling her earrings at the market during King's Day to a young woman with her own studio and webshop.

In recent years my passion for earrings has transitioned to a passion for bracelets and necklaces. Personally, I only have one hole in my ears, so I don't need that many earrings. On the other hand, you can never have enough necklaces and bracelets. So I started my new hobby and received many compliments about my designs. Once SA Design was born, my mother, my partner in the business, and I decided to incorporate jewelry into our collection. And with great success, because jewelry has been a permanent part of SA Design since our start in 2019.

Made with love in our own studio

I make our jewelry in our studio at the Vinkeveense Plassen. Before I can get started, I first go out for the materials. At our suppliers I am inspired by all the freshwater pearls, gemstones and beads. I then go to work in our studio to develop my inspiration.

Making jewelry requires a lot of precision. The concentration you need clears my head and provides peace; I like that very much. I also love the process of making something from nothing. Wonderful to see how a few separate parts come together to create a beautiful piece of jewelry. Fun fact: I only make one piece of each piece of jewelry, which makes each piece of jewelry unique. As a result, the collection is constantly changing and there is always something for everyone.

We havebracelets andnecklaces in our collection. The bracelets vary from link bracelets to bead bracelets and are made with gold-plated or silver materials, such as our silver link bracelet with amethyst or the gold link bracelet with turquoise . Our collection also includes various necklaces: short and half-long necklaces, necklaces with one color or with more colors. In any case, you can see my love for pearls reflected in both the bracelets and necklaces, such as this pearl necklace with turquoise and amethyst .

Pearls & Gemstones

We work a lot with pearls in our studio. Pearls are known as a symbol of elegance and refinement. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that radiates these qualities, then a pearl bracelet may be something for you, such as our multicolor pearl bracelet . By wearing a pearl bracelet you give a subtle touch to your outfit, making you look stylish.

The great thing about pearls is that they are timeless and can be worn on almost any occasion. Whether you have a party or a business meeting, a pearl bracelet always fits. A pearl bracelet is not only elegant and refined, but also versatile and timeless.

I also like to incorporate gemstones into my designs. Each gemstone has its own physical characteristics and benefits. By wearing a gemstone jewelry such as this bracelet with gemstones you can benefit from the specific properties of the gemstone, such as promoting emotional balance or supporting meditation.

Handmade link bracelet gold plated with large gray labradorite and beautiful orange bamboo coral beads

Quality is key

Finally, I think it is important that both the bracelets and the necklaces remain beautiful for a long time. That's why I use good quality beads that are colorfast. And I always use 18 carat gold plated clasps with e-coating. This means the jewelry stays beautiful longer and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Would you like to take a look at our studio shop and let the jewelry pass your hands? We think it's fun! Make an appointment here !

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