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Mini Espadrille key ring

Sale price€11,95

Add a touch of Spanish charm to your key ring with our cute mini espadrille keyrings! Made from the leftovers of the real Spanish espadrilles that we also sell, these mini variants are true masterpieces of sustainability. Crafted with love and care by nuns in Spain, they are not only a stylish addition to your key ring, but also a powerful symbol of responsibility and reuse.

Colour:Off white

Delivery time: 1-2 business days

It's all in the details


We have a passion for personal accessories . That is why we make every item with love and an eye for detail . Beautiful! To see again and again that every accessory is unique & special .

our studio

Beautiful materials, each with their own charm! Every day in the studio is a party!

Get inspired

handmade in holland

Our motivations


For the profession, the materials & our customers. An accessory is simply a personal item: it is an extension of yourself. A safe haven for your essentials & a piece of your identity.


We love traditional work with natural materials, such as leather, wicker, pearls and gemstones. When you enter our studio, you will feel like you are in a piece of Spain with all the smells and colors.

Nina in het atelier aan de werktafel met bruin leer


In the profession, but especially in making our customers happy. Making a personalized accessory is realizing a dream for someone. Delicious! To get our energy from that!