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Care and maintenance

Tips for Maintenance

You will therefore find tips in the product information for each product
for maintenance and care so that your beautiful things remain beautiful for a long time. Below are the most important tips listed per category. Of course you can always contact us if you have any questions about maintenance or use.

Wicker bag care

Our wicker bags are made from palm leaves, palm trees. Each wicker bag is a natural product, made from natural materials and easy to maintain. You can simply tap out the sand and wipe the reeds with a wet cloth. Avoid aggressive cleaning products and exposure to a heat source, as this will cause the materials to dry out.

Care leather products

We treat the leather (not naturally tanned leather) before shipping with a nourishing and dirt-repellent spray. Our advice is to avoid aggressive cleaning products and exposure to a heat source. Aggressive products can cause damage such as stains and heat causes dehydration. Tips to keep your leather product beautiful:

• use the product a lot
• use a good dirt and water repellent spray that is suitable for the type of leather: check whether you have naturally tanned or chrome tanned leather
• first test the spray on a small area to make sure you don't get any stains
• use this spray before using the product and then regularly
• do not dry leather near a heater
• do not use aggressive products on leather such as perfume or cleaning products
• use appropriate products such as sprays or brushes for stains

• store a leather product that you are not using in the supplied dust bag or in a cotton cover so that it is protected against moisture and dirt

Jewelry Care

To maintain the timeless shine of your gold-plated jewelry with pearls and gemstones, we give a few easy tips to keep your jewelry beautiful:

  • Remove your jewelry when exercising, using water (showering, swimming) and sleeping
  • Remove your jewelry when applying perfume, lotion or sunscreen
  • Store your jewelry in a soft bag to prevent damage
  • gently clean pearls and gemstones with a soft cloth to preserve their natural beauty

Quality control

Our products are made with love and by hand in our workshop. We use natural high-quality materials that have inherent characteristics: leather, for example, may have a small imperfection and the reed may be braided more tightly or loosely. That's part of the materials. It also ensures that each product is unique due to the specific properties of the materials.

Each product undergoes a quality check before shipment, during which we do a final check. If you find something or have a question, please contact us: so that we can find a solution in consultation.