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Article: Do you know where real espadrilles come from?

Handgemaakte Espadrilles en rieten tas

Do you know where real espadrilles come from?

Discover the rich history of espadrilles, from ancient Egypt to the modern catwalk. At SA Design we offer artisan espadrilles, handmade in Northern Spain with natural materials such as cotton canvas, jute and rubber.

Our espadrilles mold to your feet for maximum comfort and are perfect for stylish summer looks. Whether you wear them for a beach day or a casual walk, espadrilles are versatile and timeless. Be enchanted by the comfortable elegance of our handmade espadrilles, the perfect footwear for any summer occasion.

Back in time

The history of the espadrille goes back a long time. Remains of jute sandals that resemble the soles of today's espadrille have been found in both ancient Egypt and southern Spain. From a period of about 3000 years BC.

The espadrille as we know it today probably dates back to the 14th century in Spain. The Spanish name is alpargata . Initially, espadrilles were mainly worn for daily work. The shoe was already very popular at the time due to the durable and comfortable materials used in its production.

Espadrilles as a fashion statement

In the 20th century, the espadrille received new impetus when artists and intellectuals such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí started wearing the espadrille. Espadrilles are also wonderfully cool to wear. This is how they became the ultimate symbol for summer , with a striped shirt. Yves Saint Laurent designed a variant with heels in the 1970s, and a new fashion was born.

Nowadays, espadrilles have become an indispensable part of the summer street scene. You regularly see them in all kinds of variations on the red carpet , but major fashion houses have also included espadrilles in their collections and show that these shoes can not only be comfortable, but also fashionable .

SA Design offers the original handmade espadrilles from Northern Spain.

Handmade in Spain

Our espadrilles are made in small workshops in Northern Spain. Traditionally and by hand from natural materials such as cotton canvas . This material is light and breathable, keeping your feet cool during hot days. Cotton canvas is also strong and durable , making the shoes long lasting.

Jute and rubber are used for the sole. Jute is a natural material that comes from the jute plant. It is strong and flexible , making it perfect for the sole of espadrilles. The jute fiber is woven into a sturdy sole that feels comfortable and provides good grip.

When is an espadrille good?

When you buy an espadrille, there is no left or right foot yet. They are then a bit tight. But that's normal. They flare out a bit and mold to the shape of your foot when worn. And then they sit wonderfully! You wear them without socks. This provides a summery look and prevents the shoes from pinching.

How do you style espadrilles?

They are the perfect shoes for summer: not only comfortable, but also stylish and versatile. Great to combine with a summer outfit. Think of light colors and airy fabrics such as a summer dress or shorts with a blouse.

Espadrilles are suitable for casual occasions such as a day at the beach or a walk in the park. Sand, for example, is also very easy to knock off. By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the most of your espadrilles and look stylish during the warmer months of the year.

But that doesn't mean they have to collect dust in your cupboard during the colder months. Wear them especially at home, super easy and colorful :)!

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