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Design and make your own small leather bag, tailored to your style. In a cozy and inspiring environment in our studio on the water


A perfect mix of fun, learning experience and creativity. Materials are included; you don't have to bring anything except yourself ;)

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Learn about different types of leather and the basic techniques of leatherworking. Step by step guidance from an experienced leather worker.

make your own bag

Create your style

Step into the world of SA Design and discover the hidden art of making leather bags



"You can decide a lot about how you will make your own bag: the size, the flap, the color of the hardware. We started in the morning with a piece of leather and after sewing you really have your own bag. surprised me that the bag takes shape relatively quickly when you put it together by sewing, but that the little things, like putting a button on it, take the most time."


"The workshop was great fun, cozy and also very educational. We started the workshop with an explanation about the leather. Things were told that I had no knowledge of at all, I'm not going to reveal that, because then it will remain a surprise for people. who will also follow the workshop."